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About Us

Certified  Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Aloha!  I'm Deb Whitney, the creative mind and heart behind The Blooming Bookkeeper, LLC.  My story began with me growing up on the beaches in Hawaii and now finds me living life in the lush landscapes of Washington State, where I'm happily crafting financial success stories.  Armed with a Bachelor's in Accounting, I'm your financial guide, coaxing your business to bloom. And guess what? I'm also a certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor – consider me your secret ingredient for financial triumph.


At The Blooming Bookkeeper, LLC, we are dedicated financial partners for service-based businesses in Washington State, Hawaii, and Oregon.  With a passion for nurturing growth and fostering prosperity, we specialize in providing expert bookkeeping services tailored to the unique needs of service-driven enterprises.


Our Mission:  "Nurturing Financial Prosperity: The Blooming Bookkeeper's Commitment to Cultivate Clarity and Fuel Growth in Service-Based Businesses."


Our Vision:  "Becoming the Compass of Financial Flourish: Guiding Service Businesses to Blossom Through Insightful Care and Strategic Empowerment."


Our Purpose:  "Empowering Service-Based Ventures to Bloom: Unveiling Financial Potential, Fostering Growth, and Sowing the Seeds of Success!"

The Blooming Bookkeeper, LLC – it's more than just a name, it's my commitment to you. Imagine a gardener gently tending to a garden, nurturing each bloom to reach its full potential. That's the dedication I bring to your financial journey – nurturing and guiding your business to flourish in its own unique way. So, pull up a virtual chair, and let's whip up a recipe for financial success that's tailored just for you."

You've planted the seeds, your business is growing, now let's help it bloom together!


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Image of Deborah Whitney, Certified ProAdvisor and owner of The Blooming Bookkeeper LLC
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