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This is the About Us page, with a photo of the owner, Deborah Whitney

About Us


Deborah Whitney

Managing Member

The Blooming Bookkeeper, LLC

Certified  Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Mission, Vision & Purpose

Aloha! I specialize in bookkeeping services using QuickBooks Online, and am a certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor.  In addition, I have a Bachelor of Science, Accounting degree, and have a back ground in real estate, project management, life insurance, and I've successfully operated my own tax business for several years. I am well versed in entrepreneurship, operations and management, accounting, taxes, and leadership.


Mission:  Helping rapidly growing business owners take control of their finances, and strategically plan for growth and success.  


Vision:  To build a better future, where small businesses thrive and contribute to the economic growth and stability of their communities. 


Purpose:  Our purpose, is "Growing Businesses & Blooming Dreams!" 

We believe in our client's dreams and passions,  and strive to support and empower them to bring them to full bloom!

An entrepreneur for life, I understand well, the struggles that business owners face, as they struggle with trying to run their business, and manage their business finances.   Spending countless hours trying to figure out their bookkeeping,  payroll, and sales tax filing, and still don't know where their business stands financially.  It can be overwhelming, stressful,  and

down-right frustrating!

That is why I started The Blooming Bookkeeper LLC.  Our goal is to alleviate that frustration and stress, giving you the peace-of-mind you need.  When you work with us, you will know that your finances are always accurate, up-to-date, and compliant, while having a clear snapshot of where your business stands financially.  My advisory services will help you make sense of your finances, with guidance and strategies to help you make crucial business decisions and increase your profits.  In addition, you will gain back much needed time to focus on running and growing your business. How much would all this be worth to you?

If you are ready for the help you need, and are "in it to win it", then let's get started!

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The Blooming 
Bookkeeper LLC

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